Ron Finley x Ted: Grow Your Money


“Growing your own food is like printing money… PLANT SOME SHIT”
Nuff Said.

A South LA Native uproot the grass in his sidewalk  after realizing “I get it…they aren’t going to bring shit here.” In this Ted talk, he shares the value radical agriculture holds for us all, its promise in overcoming neighborhood decay, and how easy, and attainable self sufficiency is.


Companion Planting Made Easy

Which Plants grow best together? The world of plants is wondrous, and full of subtle symbiotic relationships that make things tick. Plants form communities all their own, and we can enjoy great benefits by way of ideal placement.

This book explains which plants help each other thrive, what roles various species play, and which flowers can lure pests away from your goodies! Enjoy. You are well on your way to regrowing the world!

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How to Save Your Own Life: 15 Lessons

How To Save Your Own Life Audio Book

How To Save Your Life

Michael Gates Gill
How would it feel to have everything- wealth, status, and possessions- then lose it all suddenly?


This inspiring tale shadows a privileged executive’s journey from riches to rags. ‘Losing everything’ at an old age, Michael Gate’s encounter with rock bottom allowed his life not to end, but to begin.

This book bears many insights into discovering what truly matters in life, in spite of the ego important, striving, mad climate that sometimes surrounds us. In listening to the profound moments in his life that revealed the truth, it is hard not to be inspired.


Some of the book is available here for you to stream or download. Should you wish to listen to the rest of the book, look into purchasing it or contact us. If the streamer above is not working, let us know.




Jane Elliott: The Race Experiment.


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” How harmful are stereotypes, anyway? As time moves forward and conversations question the relevancy of race, many are of the opinion that if people don’t like you, so what? Hurt feelings have no bearing on how you are or who you become.. or do they? This classic experiment reveals the power beliefs have on our psyche.

In 1968, school teacher Jane Elliot showed the connection between degradation (and praise) and achievement and behavior. In her landmark study, students were marginalized based on their eye color, producing shocking results in the course of just one day.

Key Points

  • The self-fulfilling prophecy: How what we think of ourselves of ourselves shapes reality.
  • The power of words and thoughts, particularly in the case of children.
  • How it is possible to influence large groups of people through the manipulation of news and media.
  • The influence of societal institutions: Schools, Media, Family, etc.
  • Note how discrimination wasn’t just hateful talk or dislike: it was institutionalized- reinforced through manipulation of resources and freedoms.
  • This gives witness-able  solidity to the effects of discrimination, which is often trivialized and dismissed as unprovable or insignificant.


The Heart is more far more significant and powerful than we’ve ever been told.  More than a blood pumper, it holds the key to extraordinary intelligence beyond that of the brain. Learn more in this Spirit Science clip.

Note: Ms. Elliot still orchestrates this experiment to this day with the same powerful results.

There is also an interesting experiment in which an African American man is given two similar tests and told one is for intelligence and the other for sports aptitude. He does well in the area he thinks he is good in: athleticism.


The Energetic Anatomy of 2014


How do you feel going into this year? What do you think it has in store? If you’re like us, you sense something big in the wings. A look at the energetic events surrounding 2014 sheds light on the factors behind this inkling.

Astrological configuration

Have you heard of astrology? Of Course. The moment of your birth held a sort of fingerprint representing you as a person. Showing the placements of every astral object at your first breath, it vividly outlines your journey uniquely. 

12 am, Jan 1st can be seen as a birth ‘fingerprint’ for a given new year. It’s telling of the lessons and emphases of a coming year. A quick glance at this year’s makeup is enough to raise your eyebrows.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

4 Planet Conjunction in Capricorn
We’re starting with the planets Mercury (communication), Venus (relationships), Sun (power, self), and Moon(emotion/ inner reality) are all working together under the umbrella of constructive action (Capricorn). This speaks to the areas of structure, planning, building, and action. 

Cardinal Grand Cross

Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra

This crucial astral event sends us a strong and clear message about this new year. 

These 4 signs all represent modes of taking action. The cosmos are not-so-gently nudging us to take calculated steps toward forcefully and boldly fulfilling our true  purpose.  Not on a small or mundane scale – but in a BIG, DYNAMIC way; we just have to order our steps practically to get there.

A grand cross involves four planets positioned 90 degrees apart, involved in lots of tension with each other. The sort of tension that makes you burst forth and do something- you can’t sit on the couch with this sort of energy at hand, you’ve got to act. This feeling of action is emphasized in the cardinal signs, it suggests much seeks  to be done on many fronts (emotionally, mentally, physical, actively). This great deal of urging can be difficult without order or focus because there is so much going on at once. Yet immense potential for action, accomplishment, and newfound identity are certain if we collectively bring order and hierarchy to the actions we want to take.

The New Moon

Adding to all this concentrated, lively power, is the New Moon that accompanied this New year. Happening for only the 12th time in the last 300 years, this is a rare, significant occurrence. A New Moon represents the beginning point of a new cycle, and this emphasizes the chance to start anew, and new potential and opportunity abound.

This amplified theme of “newness” offers us ample opportunity for heightened existence on earth. We have energetic free reign to surpass cumbersome patterns of the past & bring forth new things from inside ourselves to create the new reality in which we want to exist! That’s an opportunity worth making the most of!

The time is like fertilizer; now is the time to plant a NEW seed and watch it sprout and develop. In the practical, steady, and determined Earth sign of Capricorn, we are urged toward integrity, discipline, and aligning our actions with our goals, as well as the archetype of “The Elder.”

If you were planting a new seed in a garden, what advice might a wise, disciplined elder give? Likely, they’d encourage you to make orderly, informed steps to ensure sure your plant’s strong, healthy development. Keep to the soil, stay very attentive to the garden, and know that the love and care you put into it will yield fruitful results  if you work with effort and intention.

NOW is the time to let go of the time-wastes and energy-leeches in your life to place conscious and intentional effort in whatever you want to grow. This year, minimize distractions, and make the most of your time on planet earth!

The Year of 7
(2 + 0 + 1 + 4= 7)

In Numerology, 7 is the number of self-examination, and a critical innerstanding of the world/ cosmos around us, and perfection. It is the number of spiritual realization, a person coming into the realization that they have a spirit discovering everything about it!

This year, self-realization will be PARAMOUNT as people left and right take a hard look at themselves and their situations, beginning to understand why and how things work. Many will “Wake Up” to higher information, with  7 representing their readiness and availability to receive that knowledge.  Less people will run on automatic, more will become conscious of the reality surrounding them.

Chinese Astrology: Year of the Wood Horse
The Wood Horse is also about taking dynamic actions toward a specific goal or outcome.

The Wood element represents the process of growing and renewing life, vitality, drive, and passion for life.

The Horse is about drive and the pursuit for freedom, passion, virility, and leadership. A “fire” animal, it knows it’s here to run free and fast through the plains.

These suggest regeneration, re-building and re-doing as themes for this year, as the wood element knows what needs to be built and torn down, and the horse has just enough stamina and torque to move towards that outcome at a fast, momentous pace.

Note: The last year of the horse was in 1990- a year when many Indigo Children came onto the planet to serve as a bridge from the Old Age to the New, from low frequencies to high ones. People with that task are being recalled to their undertaking and all of us are being re-inspired towards that goal.

What Does It Mean?
In all, we have lots of work to do within and around us, lots of energy to do it and a rare opportunity to accomplish it all! Keep this with you and don’t forget as you move through the next 365 days! Further keep success in making the most of this collectively in mind for the benefit of all of humanity! Don’t Give Up!

Here is some information on collective thought work and ascending consciousness:
Portal Activation August 25th

The New Year. Making The Most of It.



What’s so New About the New Year??
It so often happens that we yearn for better, different, new existences for ourselves. Rightly, we see the new year as an opportunity to make headway towards them, only we so often find that we have no idea how to get there and we soon head back the way we came in a state of disappointment and uncertainty. Many signs point to this being a year of new patterns and opportunities.

Here are some strategies for realizing real, lasting change in the coming year.

Note: This article turned out much longer than expected, and will likely be reduced and reorganized, but if you can’t get through all of it, take away this much:

We are not bound to misery and monotony. How good things get on this planet or in our lives is not limited by some sort of “positivity/ reality check police force” that many of us seem to have in our minds.

If we can allow ourselves to let go of the habits and beliefs that give birth to such hardships and unpleasantries in life; If we can embrace the idea things can be better, and allow ourselves to envision and become the better way we desire, we will have it. That simple. This year is a year in which  we figure out the way to turn ideals and “dreams” that have circulated for centuries into reality. Its a year in which something amazing happens. Make the most of it.

Better Habits

Focus on bright things
If you began to watch your thoughts, you would soon notice how quickly they drifts toward dispute, unhappiness, worry, doubt, hate, and otherwise unproductive realms. If you pictured yourself in a room where the sun shined bright just outside the window and an ugly old spot stood before you on the wall, which do you think you might notice more? The dark spot or the sunshine?

We are not in a good position to eliminate the dark spots in our life when we magnify and concentrate on them too much. When we become apart of, and believe in bigger and brighter things, we easily see how immaterial problems are and knock them out. We must retrain our minds and hearts so they don’t remain stuck in the negative reality we are looking to leave behind.

Stay aware of what you focus on. Find positive, more important things to shift your focus to. Think more about what you want than what you don’t want.

Become Grateful
If you do nothing else, establish an attitude of gratitude for the many things that assist you throughout your days. It’s easy not to notice how fortunate your are, but don’t take so many things for granted. Thank the water you run for your bath. Your heater for keeping you warm. The air in your lungs. Your lungs themselves for working so reliably. Thank your food before you eat it. Thank the person driving your bus, or making your Chipotle. Thank your bed for the rest it provides you, your laptop for the service it gives you. People and things in life like to feel appreciated, they  give forth more willingly when we show appreciation.  Further, we take better care of things we have respect more, so however you look at it, gratitude means you end with more. It will also make you less inclined to anger and bitterness, and aware of resources you previously didn’t see as available to you.

Reclaim Life.
What’s all the running around for? Who’s running the show here?

Whose life is it anyway?
First with school and parents, then with work and children, we spend so many years going along with someone else‘s program, squeezing in what’s important to us on the side, (if were lucky) we forget how we’d like to run ourselves. If you suddenly had a lot of time on your hands, you probably wouldn’t even know what to do with it. You may have forgotten what it is you want. It can take real effort to internally reprogram your train to run on your track.

Your time, your life, your energy are entirely your own. Take time within the next 5 days to form a clear idea of exactly you’d do if it were entirely up to you. What if you no longer had someone else’s demands planning your life for you? What’s best for you? What serves and enriches you most? Incubate a vision of the life that would bring you the most joy, then adapt all external obligations to fit with your program. Let go of what doesn’t fit into your program.

See not lack, but opportunities to create something useful. We are too used to looking at our landscapes, communities, wallets, etc and saying x is not here, we don’t have is. The things that are not there are not there because no one has created them. Now that you have full license to create for yourself and others what you need.

Realize at least one life long goal or dream this year.
The biggest barrier between us and our greatest dreams is usually ourselves. The feeling or belief that our goals are beyond us, or we could never accomplish them translates to failure, or even worse- not trying. We distract ourselves to become

Life’s too precious to spend afraid to pursue the things that will make you happy.

Pick a goal, know in your heart that you can reach it, determine exactly what it will take to full it, lay out a plan with specific steps and timelines for yourself, and resolve to carry out those steps no matter WHAT comes across your path.

Read this book. The 4 hour work week is an excellent guide to letting go of mental limitations and fears to create substantial abundance for yourself and a meaningful life. Its critically acclaimed, about 5 bucks on Amazon, free at your local library, and if you and in the contact us form, we can email you a pdf of the outdated version.

Positively Impact Your Environment
Become a benefit the world you live in.

Chose not to carry blindness, naivete, powerlessness with you into the new year. Chose not to remain oblivious to the consequences of your actions, or the reality around you. Chose to make responsible decisions and be helpful in every way possible.

Bring people together, have meaningful interactions with others. Talk to people to people in the street, on the train, at the coffee shop; be warm. Be human.

Help people. Start caring. Look for opportunities to help others without attachment, judgment, or reward motivating you. There’s plenty of opportunities available in this area and some of them are bound to fit you :-). This is they way problems of humanity will be solved. By people reestablishing a genuine interest in and hope for the welfare of others and themselves.

Resolve to stop putting toxic foods into your body, destructive products on your skin, use destructive materials throughout your life. You control what you buy and use on a continuous basis, that’s no one else’s doing but yours.  Its easy to blame “the big companies” for everything or cry “they didn’t tell us, I didn’t know” about things, but its also very lame and does nothing to stop your quality of life from deteriorating. Put your big girl panties on and do what you must to do better.

Have Substance. Keep your promises to yourself and others.
The era we’re in leaves so many of us so spaced out that even the most solid of us can become unreliable. This has to do with the increased distraction mentioned below and how “busy” we feel. Counter this by making a concerted effort to do every single thing you say you will do, whatever it takes. This includes promises made to yourself. This will cut back on the number of empty and unfulfilled statements you make, cause you to have greater faith in your ability to accomplish things (thereby making you more productive) and allow you focus and organize your priorities. You will also become a more real and substantive person.

Optimize your information Diet
Listen to better music, watch more stimulating media, frequent more useful sites.

What you put in has everything to do with what you get out. Mundane information results in mundane thoughts and concerns, results in a mundane, uninspiring life. You can have better.

Find music that makes you feel positive, empowered, happy, connected. Makes you think or gives you a new perspective. A lot of what is popular right now is pretty myopic, you have to feed all parts of yourself.

Spend some time finding new sites that truly stimulate you. There are millions of sites on the internet, how is it that most people frequent the same 5 every day?

Don’t be so approval needy, tech, attached, social media dependent. We fail to realize how much combined time we spend distracted by electronic devices, and more importantly, how much attention that saps from constructive activity we could be engaging in. It’s now clear that many of us are unwittingly addicted and have an unhealthy dependency on the virtual realm, and its no joking matter.

Technology isn’t the enemy, we’re just using it improperly. We’ve got to learn to use technology consciously and responsibly, as opposed to it using us.  Electronics did not give birth to us. Life existed fine long before them, what does it say about us that we now feel we can’t even function a day without them?

Live more in the actual than the virtual world. Consider a tech fast of just few days in which you life life with out the interferences of electronics. Try reducing the times you check email, text, and social platforms to 4 times a day.


Try: If someone hit the wrong button tomorrow, all our memories might be gone! They are so digital. Make a physical photo album of key memories and your memories to get more in touch with yourself.

Also, Try drafting papers or reports in Word or Notepad with the Wifi off or even better, outlining your ideas on paper first. See what difference it makes.

Social Media
Keep a purpose in mind each time you log on to a platform; don’t browse mindlessly. Try to do post things that enrich others and improve collective understanding- rather than argue, judge, speculate,

Try making your own original content, or uploading your own things to share. Don’t stay in the habit of always reposting and recycling things others have posted.

Clean up
We now live a large portion of our lives son the internet a lot of our junk is digital too. Its not physicality doesn’t make it any less impeding. save your own stuff delete unneeded messages and posts from the past. Unsubscribe from newsletters you never read.

News & Events You Follow.
It is possible to divert an entire population’s attention away from creating solutions, simply by bombarding and distracting it with talk of problems. This is called drama and it something that pervades our communication channels strongly today. How construct is any one person while they are watching a play? Beware this pitfall. Do not allow your attention to be sucked into this trap in the interest of being “well informed.” Let your quest for awareness

Learn New Things.

Stay Creative
You Have to keep learning to keep growing and improving.

So much information is coming into the forefront about so many things. You can learn to do virtually anything, for free, via the internet. That is a gift that wasn’t available to generations before us. Make as much use of it as you can.  Pick a subject area to explore a like astronomy, or coral reefs, or sacred geometry. Learn how to build a cabinet, make an electronic device, grow flowers, make a dress, whatever it is you’re interested in.

Also, seek to know the truth about things. The cat’s finding its way out of the bag on every subject you can think of, and it wont help you to continue living on outdated information. Spend and evening or two watching documentaries and expanding your mind.

Weave opportunities to create and express your imagination into your schedule. Join a painting Meetup or a metalshop class. Help coordinate a project for a volunteer organization. Do new things.


Remember not to worry.




Take Care of Yourself

Truly appreciate and maintain your body. Take more baths, eat more fresh foods, get more massages, go for more jogs, do more yoga. If moneys an issue see what free resources are available in your area through libraries and communities etc. or get a group of friends together and use tools from the internet to do it yourself.

Learn how to breathe. Start to meditate. Activate your pineal gland. Stop smoking and heavy drinking. It really is time for habits like that to go. Pick one way to improve your diet: cut out preservatives, cut out fake sugars, lessen packaged foods, starches, dairies and meats, or go organic. So many methods for growing food easily in any environment or climate are coming forth now, that blaming your poor health decisions grocery store prices really wont cut it.

To help with your transition, consider completing a cleanse or juicing to give your body and energy levels a nice clean start.

Genuinely Improve Yourself

It doesn’t happen often in this society that we make work to become better people a priority. We’re so encouraged to focus on things around us, others, objects outside ourselves that we frequently forget the most important piece. Us. A better life is not about getting more things. A better world is not about pushing and pulling others. The hidden truth is that the more we change ourselves  to become more compassionate, understanding, loving, honest, virtuous, egoless, and complete, the better off the world will be. It’s not until we work on these things for ourselves that we can successfully show others the way.

Take an honest look in the mirror. Bring pen and paper with you. Really look at yourself and your life. Identify aspects of yourself that simply don’t benefit you or others. Everyone has them, so no one should come up short in this search. General vices like hate, anger, fear, doubt, jealousy, carelessness, are obvious, but go more subtle. Dig deeper and see if you can get more specific than that. See if you can figure yourself out. Once you understand yourself, you can determine where your not so pretty parts come from, and you’ll be in a good position to eradicate them. Don’t be scared to let go. You don’t need them.

Don’t judge, panic or degrade yourself for what you find. Be grateful you’re now able to see it and for the chance you now have to improve it. Use this opportunity to become your best! A better you = a better life and a better world and that’s a benefit to everyone, isn’t it? 🙂


Have Tough conversations. Clear up Bad Blood, Engage in open honest communication, Truly Move on from the past.

To get to the new, you can’t keep the old with you.

Decide to stop holding on to things this year. If there are skeletons in your past, grudges within or against you, hurt feelings, feuds, whatever, have the courage to look them in the face and settle them, no matter how hard or tortuous the idea might seen. It takes a lot more courage to fix a disagreement than it does to create one; and the biggest lesson humanity has to learn at the moment is how to solve problems between people. Dislike and blame towards others is so pointless, wastes so much time and emotional energy and so keeps us from moving forward, that its time we abandon rifts all together and evolve.

So whether its a tiff you had with your sibling at 7, blame you hold toward someone who truly hurt you, or you anger at an establishment that oppressed you, lay it all out, be honest about what happened and what it is you want and use wisdom to find a way forward. Then resolve not to let interpersonal issues hang in the air from here on.

Have Substance
Keep your promises to yourself and others The era we’re in so many of us so spaced out that even the most solid of us can become unreliable. This has to do with the increased distraction mentioned above and how “busy” we feel. Counter this by making a concerted effort to do every single thing you say you will do, whatever it takes. This includes promises made to yourself. This will cut back on the number of empty and unfulfilled statements you make, cause you to have greater faith in your ability to accomplish things (thereby making you more productive) and allow you focus and organize your priorities. You will also become a more real and substantive person.



This site will be providing more of the resources needed to help readers transform their lives, from instructional videos to downloadable info, media, and music packs, etc. Were in this together. Stay tuned, and support our Growth.


Bringers Of The Dawn: Audio

Not Working? Let Us Know.

Level: Advanced (Eye Open)

Bringers of the Dawn is a channeled message released in 1992. Sure to bring chills to any ‘awakening’ being who listens, it’s discussion is striking, jarring, and in every way transforming. It offers eye opening insight into man’s past and path to evolution. This recording brings striking clarity and completion to understandings many reach on their own as they seek the truth.

Suggested Pre-study Materials:
  They Live

This video may not seem sensible or believable if you haven’t experienced the following:
A strong familiarity with societal ills and historical injustices • the energetic concept of fear vs. love • Some understanding of the spiritual body, spiritual evolution, past lives, prehistoric history, and the chakras.
These are necessary for maximum understanding. 






PIY: The Rice Experiment


The Rice Experiment is a simple, inexpensive project that provides us with real results implicating what happens when we expose physical matter to various words.

All this talk about thoughts impacting reality seems iffy to you and you don’t have the evidence you need, try this experiment. Don’t base your disbelief upon the supposed criticisms of “experts,” Prove It to Yourself!


3 glass jars
Spring or distilled water
Uncooked Rice
3 strips of Paper and Tape, or 3 labels

Place a half cup of rice in each jar. Fill each jar with twice as much as there is rice.
Choose a positive phrases to say to one of the jars and a negative phrase to one positive and a negative one to say to the other. Take or stick the label in front of them. The words Masuru Emoto used were “Thank you” and “Idiot” See below
The third jar of rice is to be left ignored.


GOYS Guide to The Master Cleanse

 Guide to the Master Cleanse How to do the master cleanse

So you’ve heard of the Master Cleanse, and you want the official rundown. Can it really be done? What exactly does it do? Is it worth it?  This Guide to the Master Cleanse gives you answers.

Introduction  • Why Do It  •  How To   Ingredients Recipe • Links



The Master Cleanse, sometimes referred to as “The Lemonade Diet” is a 10-day cleanse in which the participant drinks only the prescribed mixture; consuming no solid food. Its end results are better health, high energy,  healthier weight, and lessened addiction to harmful foods, among other benefits.

The Master Cleanse has been completed by thousands of people and is one of the quickest, most powerful, effective cleanses there is. The cleanse gives the body a break long to regenerate itself, while clearing its subject of toxins and unwanted elements.

Why Do It?

To Jumpstart your  journey to better health.
Going vegan? Tossing frankenfoods out of your diet?  Quitting soda? The Master Cleanse provides excellent transition support for any wellness inspired change. It eliminates chemicals that signal us to grab harmful foods, or crave.  Without these cravings, you’ll have a clean slate + fresh start at better health.

To lose weight
The MC give a great start to a fitness kick. It’s  frustrating  when you gain few results no matter how hard you hit the gym. Why? Not everyone knows that toxins are stored in our fat. The body sometimes resists burning fat to avoid releasing toxins into the bloodstream. Getting all of that out of your body first makes losing weight a lot easier, and lose weight you will.

There’s SO much junk inside us. To eliminate it!
You spend 10 days eating no physical food… yet on the 10th day, you’ll still be having physical.. eliminations. 0.o Right. Your intestine is a big place, and there is waste lodged in there from when you were like, 7. Get rid of it, and you’ll feel a lot better!

Because you’re sick.
The Master Cleanse cures stuff. Diabetes, ulcers, you name it– proper use has rendered many people disease free. The book below explains how. Married with other Holistic Techniques, a well composed holistic program can liberate a person ailing from disease.

Sounds great. What are you waiting for? 
Here are some commonly held Hang Ups.

I don’t want to get skinnier!
The only things leaving your body will be things you don’t need. You won’t fall to an unhealthy weight, you will just level out. You can easily build back muscle and healthy weight as soon as you finish.

I need to eat. I can’t go that long without food.
You definitely can. The ingredients of the mixture provide all nutrients necessary for sustenance. Most people crave the first couple of days (the third one’s a kicker) and feel fine afterward.

Not eating builds a great deal of personal strength and self control. It helps us see how often the real reasons we eat have nothing to do with wanting to stay alive. We tend to be so addicted to the way certain foods make us feel. In placing that enslavement on pause, we become more powered to resist things that are not beneficial to us (edible or otherwise), and begin our escape from food’s controlling grip.

How to do the master cleanse

Okay, I’ll Do It!

We knew you’d come around :-).

First. Know what you’re getting into. Read the book  that introduced the cleanse in the first place.
It’s like 11 pages, contains tons of information, & will give you much needed perspective on what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it, and why.
Clear up the uncertainty and confusion. Download it free using the link.

Get ready.
Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Start eating liquid food (smoothies & juices) and enter inner transformation by being calm and reflective. This is is a truncated schedule we like, but  longer transitional periods are advisable. The schedule is also designed to encourage personal growth and transformation- goals not requisite to the cleanse, but recommended. See what feels right.

Where do I get the Stuff??

Trader Joe’s & the farmer’s markets are your friends.  Do your absolute best to get the good stuff.

Two glass bottles of syrup from Trader Joe’s can last the whole cleanse.
One box of Smooth Move costs about $5, but you can also buy and use loose leaf Senna in bulk for less.
5 bags of organic lemons can cost up to $20 Lemons
You can buy cayenne pepper in bulk or get a small box for a few bucks. Organic makes a difference.

In all, expect to spend 30-42 bucks on materials. Cheaper than what you would normally spend on food in 10 days, right? Right.

Use Quality Ingredients!

This cannot be over emphasized. The better your ingredients, the more effective your cleanse. You don’t want to suffer and struggle with your demons for 10 days and not even get the most out of it, right? I tried using crappy lemons one time and… :-(.


Master Cleanse Recipe How to do the master cleanse

The Recipe


One Serving:

  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • 2 tablespoons of maple syrup.
  • 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper.
  • 10 oz Water.

 A whole day

  • 60 ounces of filtered water
  • 12 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
  • 12 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cayenne pepper powder

Cleansing on a busy schedule: If you are on the go and can’t make each serving fresh, juice the lemons & add the syrup only. The water and cayenne cause the mixture to oxidize, so add the appropriate amounts when you’re ready to drink instead. 😉

Laxative tea: It is vital that you have Smooth Move or other laxative tea before you go to bed and when you awake in the morning. You’ll be amassing lots of waste, and you have to give it some way to come out.

An alternative is the salt flush: 2 teaspoons of natural, non-iodized sea salt with 32 ounces of warm (not hot) filtered or bottled water. Drink the entire portion. You can sub this some of your mornings.


What can Hinder your Success?

5 pathways to Selling yourself short

Not following through. Giving up, Cheating, and short-cutting are easy ways to find yourself in the same spot you began in. Resolve STRONGLY to finish this cleanse to get a full breadth of its benefits. Not on the 3rd day, not on the 5th day, not even on the 9th day should you cheat or quit! Read the book and write a note to yourself on why you’re doing this so you have a firm basis as it gets underway.

Combining it with food. Some people combine the cleanse with minimal food if they are doing it for such extended periods as 40 days. Don’t do this if you’re doing it for 10. The entire point is to let your digestive system rest so it can get rid of the junk and begin to regenerate. It’s worth it!

Using the wrong ingredients.  Store bought lemon juice, poor quality lemons, Aunt Jamima syrup, etc. are all easy ways to waste your time, get no results, and maybe have some health issues. Use the best you can find, and don’t go making any substitutions.

Eating the same once it’s over If you go back to eating the same as before, you will go back to the same state as before. Don’t waste you’re hard work by eating the same. Because it gives your pallet a clean slate, this provides you an excellent opportunity to create better health than before. Start giving better fuel to your body. If you aren’t sure what that means, use the info below to find out.

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Questions Doubts, Uncertainties? If you’re thinking about or are in the midst of a cleanse and have querries put ’em here. We’ll do our best to help 🙂

Key Concepts: Food Liberation, Fasting, Self Mastery, Advanced Eating Systems


Looking for Something simpler? Something’s better than nothing. If you want something less intense, try the 3 glass Challenge.
What Happens When A Diet Worsens with Every Generation? The Experiment That Showed it All.
How Did We Become Addicted to Foods? How do We Stop? A Very Useful Ted Talk
What’s in a Diet, Anyway? A look at just how much food quality affects our performance
How to create an incredibly clean body. The Mucusless Diet Healing System

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Forks Over Knives Overwhelming evidence at the power of food to either cure us or cause disease and the information that has been kept from the public.
Food, Inc. a look at the food system in this country: you’d never have guessed what holds it all together.

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Coming Soon:  Rational Fasting- Arnold Ehret, The Origins of the US Food Chart.

The Complete Willie Lynch Letter


The Willie Lynch letter is powerful record of one of the most horrific, devastatingly detrimental plots ever launched.

Most have heard references to Willie Lynch’s letter, or been exposed to excerpts from his speech, but the entirety of this speech is widely unheard of. The complete speech offers shocking, invaluable insight into the conditioning of the captive race, and the complexes at the heart of the “black plight” today.

Reading it offers a better grasp of the strong and lasting effects Slavery, and can inspire you to liberate yourself and others from them by revamping your behaviors and beliefs.

Major Points:

  • Evidence of a conspiracy to completely debilitate and destroy the character,composition, cohesion and identity of African slaves and their descendants, indefinitely.
  • Shows us that social illnesses which cripple the “Black” community, are result of deeply ingrained syndromes and complexes, not shallow or easily overcome problems such as “laziness” and “apathy”,  or genetics.
  • Insight into this plan’s was continued execution. It’s results still remain prevalent and evident to this day, even hundreds of years after slavery.
  • Road Mark in the Plan of the Ages, the derailment of the return of Christ/ The Indigo, and the debilitation of the “Black” as a means for the debilitation of society.

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A complete understanding of a problem is all that can lead to a complete solution; hopefully this brings you another piece of the puzzle.

Note for the Unbelievers: If no plan or convention like this was ever launched, why are the results desired here so ridiculously and blatantly apparent today? What other reasons caused slave rebellions and resistances to die down?