Year: 1971

This film explores the details surrounding the death of Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton of Illinois. On December 4th. 1969, the chairman’s residence was entered forcibly at 4 in the morning. He was murdered by police while in bed with his 8-months-pregnant wife. Four of the apartment’s inhabitants were severely wounded. The film showcases some of methods used by the Local Police and FBI used to cover up in the media.

It is not shown in the film, but the FBI spearheaded the assassination. “The FBI, determined to prevent any enhancement of the BPP leadership’s effectiveness, decided to set up an arms raid on Hampton’s Chicago apartment. FBI informant William O’Neal provided them with detailed information about Hampton’s apartment, including the layout of furniture and the bed in which Hampton and his girlfriend slept.” Read More.

Key Concepts:

  • Evidence of planned government attacks on the advancement of the African race
  • Evidence of American Government’s ability & motive to plan & execute violent action against its citizens.
  • Insight into the Panthers, protectors of their communities who come to be largely portrayed as violent militants.
  • Marked resemblances between the brute force policing of past times and the “kill and cover up” cases that are prominent today.
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The People’s Law Office represented Hampton, and many other Panther members and in 1983, succeeded in winning Fred Hampton’s survivors a $1.8 million settlement. This page shows legal documents from the cases.

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