Olympia Auset El


I am a lover of greatness, and long to be surrounded by it: great people, great thoughts, great systems, a great world. So I have set about the task of building the great world all of us dream about. One where creativity thrives, knowledge resides, and Truth Rules, and Love Reigns. The pieces are already here: they need only need be pulled together.

Our Power is Endless. Not Figuratively, Not Metaphorically, not Symbolically, but Physically, Metaphysically, Factually, Truly Endless. Nothing can block us from the potential we envision but our selves. I wish to show how. To Awaken Sleeping Giants, Connect Bright Minds, and Build A Brighter Future. Join me.

 Background & Foreground

Howard U: Public Relations + Sociology 2012
Projects: City Farms, Alternative Events + Entertainment, Youth Enrichment, Reeducation, Community Construction.

What Do I Do This For?
The Revelation of Truth to All Who Have Been Lied To.
The Empowerment of Those Oppressed So Long They Don’t Know What to Do.
The Guidance of Those Mislead So Long They Don’t Know Where to Go.
The Benefit of Those Yet To Come.

The Restoration of Society. The Improvement of Life. The Progression of Mankind Toward Higher Being. The Inspiration of every individual to Their Highest Potential. The Defeat of Fear and Every Internal Vice. The Indigo Nation.


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