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So often, the quest for knowledge leads us to Youtube.We find our eyes glued to the screen, clicking– until its 4 am, and we can’t click anymore. At the end of it, we’ve learned some stuff– but we’ve also spent time sidetracked, watching crap and wasting energy. GOYS made a better way. Here is our testament to night-long learning binges.
The best of informative film, the cream of the inspirational crop,
and the amazing-est, most enlightening theater you’ve seen.  Learn On.

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Waking Life



Spotlight- Shine2

This Plant Saves Lives

Graham Hancock in a Ted Talk on the humanity changing qualities of the plant medicine Ayahuasca.

Life’s Work 
The poignant words of Alan Watts implore us to lead lives that fulfill us sincerely.

Alan Watts What Do You Desire

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