(Get On Your Shit) n. v. Adj.

1. Greatness and goodness in all things at all costs.
A tendency toward truth, good, & greatness in every aspect of life. Mundane, Spiritual, Thought, Aspiration, & Action. A state of mind and action in which no level of excellence is seen as being too great, unreachable, or impossible. syn: excellent, superior, supreme, perfect

2.  An action GOYS in quality, producing GOYS results
3.  Like or of GOYSness.  Persons or actions expressing GOYS qualities
she GOYS” “He GOYS” “That’s GOYS”
4. The MOVEMENT Illustrating and exemplifying these principles.



Principle & Practice.

Unapologetic Presentation of the Truth.



IN Other Words…
Demand the most of yourself at all times.
Seek, secure, and then live truth (yes, there is such a thing), then help your fellow.
Wake up.
Take responsibility for your own sustenance.


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