Imagine a world where each individual’s greatest desire was to bring out the very best in themselves. To break free from their faults, hangups, and fears, and unfold into the fullest expression of their creative, constructive potential. What if everyone had complete confidence they could?
Wouldn’t things be a lot better if the common goal was good?

This is the world GOYS is creating through innovation, and alternative media.



GOYS is a Culture Movement & Thought Revolution to establish awareness, consciousness, and self- reliance as the dominant culture. In essence, TGL provides answers & solutions to the numerous new and startling questions surfacing as we move into an age of increased info availability.

Through Transformative Media, The GOYS Life empowers its viewers to:

Reexplore their understanding of what is possible and what is not
Gain an understanding & appreciation of life/ the universe more complete than what mainstream indoctrination previously offered them.
Unlock unactivated portions of their potential
Be energized, encouraged, and guided in strengthening their character
Find their purpose and live it.

In all, GOYS will serve as a multimedia powerhouse amassing a plethora of powerful, illuminative resources,  to make for an informed, inspired, well reeducated, and actionable public.

We move the common conversation beyond advocacy or speculation on progressive ideas, to the demonstration and application of them. We don’t simply tell people they should change, or discuss how nice things might be if people changed. We show our audience how to change with ease and establish change as the standard.

We stand just as committed to changing physical reality, as we are to changing minds.  Moving with both the virtual and actual realms, we create connections, and activities necessary for progression to arise in principle and in practice, establishing a network of like minded change makers we refer to as the Conglomerate of Consciousness.
Some of the projects GOYS is bringing to life are:

A chain of city gardens   A Thriving “Better music” Database  Several enervating docu-series  Alternative energy, construction, and Waste Management Companies An Epic Clothing Line Large Scale Positive Messaging Campaigns 

If any of these things are harmonious with what you are looking to accomplish, or you would like to help make this happen, apply to rule the world or just let us know.

Still unclear on what this is all about?
Check out ‘GOYS Defined’ and Welcome to the Revolution or Meet the Founder.
A more in depth, interactive about section is coming soon, so check with us in some time.





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