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The Mucusless Diet Healing System 

This short book has changed many lives. It introduced a simple a new outlook on health and eating: eliminate all foods which the body cannot process (mucus creating) to eliminate disease. Saying disease is only the body’s attempt to eliminate foreign particles, it sets forth a path towards a life giving diet. It is an ideological forerunner of today’s vegan and raw food consciousness.

Author: Arnold Ehret
Year Published: 1922

Some important subjects in this book:

  • How to break a fast safely
  • How and why to fast
  • How mucus causes disease
  • Which foods are mucusless

“Ehret later.. helped to spawn a new sub-culture in America…”, “His “Rational Fasting” (1914) and “Mucus-less Diet”(1922) were literary standbys within hippie circles in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the 1960’s.” – Hippie Roots and the Perennial Sub-Culture, Gordon Kennedy

The above link is an excerpt with notes. For the full book, download here

Some Excerpts

  1. When you fast you eliminate first and at once the primary obstructions of wrong and too much eating. . . . So it is a well known fact that a faster can feel better and is actually stronger on the twentieth day than the fifth or sixth day, certainly a tremendous proof that vitality does not depend primarily on food, but rather on an unobstructed circulation. (9)
  2. One of my first fasters, a relatively healthy vegetarian, walked 45 miles in the mountains on his 24th fast day. A friend fifteen years younger and myself walked 56 HOURS CONTINUALLY after a ten-day fast. (9)
  3. “If the female body is perfectly clean thru this diet, the menstruation disappears. ” (14)
  4. Headaches, toothache, vomiting, and all other so-called “diseases of pregnancy” disappear, and painless childbirth, an ample sufficiency of very sweet milk, babies that never cry, babies who are very differently “clean,” as compared with others, are the wonderful facts I have learned from every woman becoming a mother after having lived on this diet. (14)
  5. If a person has cancer or is inclined toward cancer, do not overdo eating protein, such as nuts. This is one thing that does damage to the pancreas and, in these cases, eat the nuts only in the morning… A person with a cancerous condition should use from eight to ten almonds in the morning and the same at noon… All protein should be taken early in the morning. And, of course, in cancer cases, never any secondhand or secondary protein, such as meats.

Something we noticed: Ehret states clearly that dairy is a mucus based, harmful food (16), but says in the ‘Dietary Suggestions’ that  grain cereal “With a little oil or fresh butter added, [is] a very delectable food”  (19). This seems strange, but falls under his recommending a “mucus-poor” diet for those in the transition stage: “the best and surest way for every patient to start a cure, especially for the average mixed eater.” (9).

“As long as wrong foods (foods of civilization) are partly used, I call it a Mucus-LEAN DIET. Transition means the slow change from disease-producing foods to disease-healing foods, which latter I call the MUCUSLESS DIET.”(9)

Happy Health!

Arnold ehret quotes origin of the raw vegan movement predeccesors of the hippies,Hippie Roots and the Perennial Sub-Culture, Gordon Kennedy pdf 


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