How to Eat the Sun. Sungazing

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Ever get the feeling the sun is good for more than sitting in the sky? It is.
Start tapping into the wealth of benefits the sun has to offer.

What Sungazing Is

Just as plants obtain energy from the sun by way of photosynthesis, people have the capacity to do the same. Sungazing is an ancient spiritual practice of harvesting energy directly from the Sun.

People have come to seek energy and sustenance by eating plants that hold the sun’s energy… or eating animals that have eaten plants– secondhand methods. It is much more effective to gather this energy directly from the sun itself.

Why Sungaze?

  • If you stick to it, you’ll be able to survive without food. Useful, hunh?
  • As you fill yourself with light, vices (Jealousy, hate, anger, sadness, etc.) begin to fall away and you become a bright, well liked person.
  • Light relates to knowledge. You will find your intuition strengthened and a growing inner knowing that allows you to read people and situations soundly.
  • To Heal yourself. The sun heals: everything from colds to cancer. Disease results from negative thought patterns, and these dark forces within us are gradually remedied as light takes their place.
    Personal Experience:  Anyone who’s had tonsillitis knows its not a joke. My first encounter with it landed me in the ER. I recently avoided a trip to the emergency room with the onset of tonsillitis, curing it by focusing my gaze on healing, + homeopathic methods.

Discussed here is the 9 month long process coined by Hira Ratan Manek (HRM). A the end of it, the practitioner finds themselves free of their need for food, healed of physical ailments, and filled with positivity and inner knowing.

Not Eating

In their native planes all creatures are supplied with nourishment from the ethers of their planes. And so it was with every living thing until the will became a sluggish will, and then the ethers… began to vibrate very slow. Now… the conflict came; and that which the finite man [calls] survival of the best, became the law, the stronger ate the bodies of the weaker manifests; and here is where the carnal law of evolution had its rise. And now man, in his utter shamelessness, strikes down and eats the beasts, the beast consumes the plant, the plant thrives on the earth, the earth absorbs the protoplast.  In yonder kingdom of the soul this carnal evolution is not known, and the great work of master minds is to restore the heritage of man, to bring him back to his estate that he has lost, when he again will live upon the ethers of his native plane.” Jesus Christ, The Aquarian Gospel, Chapter 32. (Circle 7 Chapter 11)

Jesus’ words speak to the body’s need for energy, not so much food, to survive. In our original state, we required no physical food. Thus, as we ascend, we journey back toward this state of power and peace. Sungazing serves as a powerful tool in this reascension of man.

Most people respond with a state of alarmed disbelief to the thought of not eating. It’s important to know that this process does not preclude you from eating. You can still eat if you please. You simply lose the desire and need to with time. This is an opportunity some take. Others will simply do it to enjoy brighter lives and other benefits. Just know that the opportunity is always there.

Eastern Monks and “shamans” of a wide range of cultures employ this practice and are known for their ability to go long periods without food.


Western scientists, in disbelief of HRM’s claims, conducted a controlled, confined study where HRM did not eat for 385 days. Increased cerebral ability has also been observed in gazers after sungazingIt is also a well known fact that no harmful UV rays reach our eyes during the hours of sunrise and sunset.

How To

The effective HRM method.

It’s easy to get started. In the first hour after sunrise, or the last hour before sunset, stand barefooted on bare earth and look into the sun for 10 seconds.

Increase your time by 10 seconds each day until you get to 45 minutes (9 Months)

At or before the 35 minute mark (around the 8th month) you will find your appetite fading away.

At 45 mins, stop sungazing, but walk continuously on bare earth for 45 minutes (anytime) each day for 6 days. To remain without the need for food  (maintain the energy charge in your body) continue to walk barefooted on earth for a year.

Tips Living guidance from my experience.

  • Stick to it. The more consistent you are, the more consistent your results. You will find you begin to develop a sort of rapport or relationship with the sun and can receive assistance with specific ailments or spiritual challenges you face by asking.
  • Try to make sunrise. Few things compare to lungs full of crisp morning air at the start of your day. In my personal experience, the energy itself is best and most apparent at this time. Sungazing offers a boost to this calm time, making for a great beginning to meditation, yoga practice, or just calm reflection, laying the foundations for your day. Try both to see how each suits you.
  • ONLY 10 seconds extra each day. This is the rule for a reason, you are building your relationship and tolerance. Be sure to adhere, lest you administer more medicine to yourself than you can handle. Remember, Bare Earth, No Grass.
  • Make Use of the Energy. You will notice heightened energy and liveliness, but be careful not to waste it. I used to go back to sleep even though I was filled with energy, just because it was early. Needless to say, it was hard to even get back to sleep and I had crazy, energetic dreams. But this was somewhat disrespectful, and I noticed I don’t receive as much as a spark as I did at the start. The universe may lessen its gifts when you waste or misuse them.
  • But what if it rains? The sun is always there, whether it’s rainy or cloudy. Continue with your practice on these days by looking at the place where the sun is behind the clouds. Maintaining faith/ morale is important. You can usually tell if you’ve received a charge after you’ve finished because after you close your eyes you still see a ball of light.

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