How to Make Great Salads


Most people don’t know what it takes to make amazing salad.

If you think salad is boring, its because you haven’t had a good one!
Low quality lettuce, soggy tomatoes, and drab ingredients are some faux- pas which make the best dish on earth, uninspiring.

Fear not! This post delivers the secrets to make salad great! Use them, and your greens will never fall short of amazing.  This is invaluable for people embracing a raw, vegan, or vegetarian diet.  If you eat this once a day, you’ll feel like you have super powers. Seriously. Eat On!


.The GOYS Life Salad Row How to Make Great Salads

The Basics

These are the basic elements of a great salad. If you have nothing else, these fundamentals will keep you happy. High quality ingredients are the most important factor! Get organic, local, and ripe whenever you can- It makes all the difference. 

Organic Kale, be sure to chop into small pieces for max absorption! Dino kale works well.
Organic Avocado
A Good Oil  Oils add flavor and help the body digest. Cold pressed Olive Oil works best, but you can use Hemp, Flax, Sesame, or  Coconut oils as well. Not vegetable oil!

Himalayan Rock, Indian Black, or Celtic Sea Salt


Get Creative! These ingredients help kick it up a notch.

The GOYS Life Salad Row 2  How to Make Great Salads

Herbs & Spices Cumin, Dill, Cilantro, Chipotle, and Onion Powder are some favorites! Fresh herbs taste best.
Spinach and/or Salad greens Olivia’s Organics is a good choice
Organic Mushrooms try crimini or portabello. you can marinate them in olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper before hand for added delicious flavor
Field Roast Sausage, heated & crumbled. This soy-free vegan Sausage is one of the healthiest and best tasting on the market. The ‘Mexican Chipotle’ flavor takes the cake!
A scoop of Hummus this sprouted cilantro hummus tastes really great
Quinoa, Pine nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Hemp Seeds, and/or Raisins
Sprouted Nuts or Sprouted Trail Mix