Eye-opening, accurate, applicable information- unadulterated.

We’ve constructed a site full of information that blows your mind without bypassing your common sense or clouding your conscience.  More than exposing the truth, we strive to show you how to live with and apply it to create a better existence for yourself.

GOYS: A Good Online Education

Part of our purpose is to show all of the things that have been kept from you. Chances are, you’ve already started showing yourself. It’s the information age- lots of people have taken reeducation into their own hands. The many shocking ideas on the internet, aren’t always presented in a manner that doesn’t insult your intelligence. Here, we bring you good, solid, sequential introductions to the info you seek in a discourse that’s credible, complete and doesn’t skip vital steps!

The GOYS mission is to lead a movement in which people look within to completely transform and empower themselves, rather than to rally outwardly behind a strong person or cause while remaining weak. Getting On Your Shit is all about personal responsibility resulting in a better collective reality.


A More Successful ‘Hippie’ Movement

If we’ve learned anything from the 70’s, its that two things quickly that neutralize any movement: water and air. Watered down precepts and airy, ambiguous aspirations make would be legitimate revolutions, meaningless movements. The “Peace and Love” of the 60s became the corporate gimmick of the 70s. Markable spiritual progress descended to a litany of aimless philosophical sparring.

We guard vigilantly against these pitfalls with quality, genuine, heartfelt coverage of topics that discourages vain, shallow discussion of information for trend’s sake and exploitation/ imitation by corporate interests.


A Great World To Live In

GOYS is more than just talk. We are all about establishing events, organizations, and projects that enrich and enlighten youth and bring the ideas we discuss into practice on a mass level. People live by what is available to them and around them. For example, if most dealerships were selling electric cars, America would be electric, automatically. We are source that establishes infrastructure for the world we want.

Training & Support for The Indigo Nation.

There is a race of youth on this planet sent here to rebuild the world and free its people from spiritual slavery. The majority of these individuals do not know who they are and if they do, they don’t know what to do with or how to access their power. It is the GOYS mission to equip them with necessary tools to unite and carry out their purpose.

A handful, we know. But it can be done. Wanna help? apply to rule the world or drop us a line.

To free the common mind from slavery to perceived physical circumstances.


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