The Willie Lynch letter is powerful record of one of the most horrific, devastatingly detrimental plots ever launched.

Most have heard references to Willie Lynch’s letter, or been exposed to excerpts from his speech, but the entirety of this speech is widely unheard of. The complete speech offers shocking, invaluable insight into the conditioning of the captive race, and the complexes at the heart of the “black plight” today.

Reading it offers a better grasp of the strong and lasting effects Slavery, and can inspire you to liberate yourself and others from them by revamping your behaviors and beliefs.

Major Points:

  • Evidence of a conspiracy to completely debilitate and destroy the character,composition, cohesion and identity of African slaves and their descendants, indefinitely.
  • Shows us that social illnesses which cripple the “Black” community, are result of deeply ingrained syndromes and complexes, not shallow or easily overcome problems such as “laziness” and “apathy”,  or genetics.
  • Insight into this plan’s was continued execution. It’s results still remain prevalent and evident to this day, even hundreds of years after slavery.
  • Road Mark in the Plan of the Ages, the derailment of the return of Christ/ The Indigo, and the debilitation of the “Black” as a means for the debilitation of society.

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A complete understanding of a problem is all that can lead to a complete solution; hopefully this brings you another piece of the puzzle.

Note for the Unbelievers: If no plan or convention like this was ever launched, why are the results desired here so ridiculously and blatantly apparent today? What other reasons caused slave rebellions and resistances to die down?


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