The Rice Experiment is a simple, inexpensive project that provides us with real results implicating what happens when we expose physical matter to various words.

All this talk about thoughts impacting reality seems iffy to you and you don’t have the evidence you need, try this experiment. Don’t base your disbelief upon the supposed criticisms of “experts,” Prove It to Yourself!


3 glass jars
Spring or distilled water
Uncooked Rice
3 strips of Paper and Tape, or 3 labels

Place a half cup of rice in each jar. Fill each jar with twice as much as there is rice.
Choose a positive phrases to say to one of the jars and a negative phrase to one positive and a negative one to say to the other. Take or stick the label in front of them. The words Masuru Emoto used were “Thank you” and “Idiot” See below
The third jar of rice is to be left ignored.



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