The Energetic Anatomy of 2014


How do you feel going into this year? What do you think it has in store? If you’re like us, you sense something big in the wings. A look at the energetic events surrounding 2014 sheds light on the factors behind this inkling.

Astrological configuration

Have you heard of astrology? Of Course. The moment of your birth held a sort of fingerprint representing you as a person. Showing the placements of every astral object at your first breath, it vividly outlines your journey uniquely. 

12 am, Jan 1st can be seen as a birth ‘fingerprint’ for a given new year. It’s telling of the lessons and emphases of a coming year. A quick glance at this year’s makeup is enough to raise your eyebrows.

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4 Planet Conjunction in Capricorn
We’re starting with the planets Mercury (communication), Venus (relationships), Sun (power, self), and Moon(emotion/ inner reality) are all working together under the umbrella of constructive action (Capricorn). This speaks to the areas of structure, planning, building, and action. 

Cardinal Grand Cross

Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra

This crucial astral event sends us a strong and clear message about this new year. 

These 4 signs all represent modes of taking action. The cosmos are not-so-gently nudging us to take calculated steps toward forcefully and boldly fulfilling our true  purpose.  Not on a small or mundane scale – but in a BIG, DYNAMIC way; we just have to order our steps practically to get there.

A grand cross involves four planets positioned 90 degrees apart, involved in lots of tension with each other. The sort of tension that makes you burst forth and do something- you can’t sit on the couch with this sort of energy at hand, you’ve got to act. This feeling of action is emphasized in the cardinal signs, it suggests much seeks  to be done on many fronts (emotionally, mentally, physical, actively). This great deal of urging can be difficult without order or focus because there is so much going on at once. Yet immense potential for action, accomplishment, and newfound identity are certain if we collectively bring order and hierarchy to the actions we want to take.

The New Moon

Adding to all this concentrated, lively power, is the New Moon that accompanied this New year. Happening for only the 12th time in the last 300 years, this is a rare, significant occurrence. A New Moon represents the beginning point of a new cycle, and this emphasizes the chance to start anew, and new potential and opportunity abound.

This amplified theme of “newness” offers us ample opportunity for heightened existence on earth. We have energetic free reign to surpass cumbersome patterns of the past & bring forth new things from inside ourselves to create the new reality in which we want to exist! That’s an opportunity worth making the most of!

The time is like fertilizer; now is the time to plant a NEW seed and watch it sprout and develop. In the practical, steady, and determined Earth sign of Capricorn, we are urged toward integrity, discipline, and aligning our actions with our goals, as well as the archetype of “The Elder.”

If you were planting a new seed in a garden, what advice might a wise, disciplined elder give? Likely, they’d encourage you to make orderly, informed steps to ensure sure your plant’s strong, healthy development. Keep to the soil, stay very attentive to the garden, and know that the love and care you put into it will yield fruitful results  if you work with effort and intention.

NOW is the time to let go of the time-wastes and energy-leeches in your life to place conscious and intentional effort in whatever you want to grow. This year, minimize distractions, and make the most of your time on planet earth!

The Year of 7
(2 + 0 + 1 + 4= 7)

In Numerology, 7 is the number of self-examination, and a critical innerstanding of the world/ cosmos around us, and perfection. It is the number of spiritual realization, a person coming into the realization that they have a spirit discovering everything about it!

This year, self-realization will be PARAMOUNT as people left and right take a hard look at themselves and their situations, beginning to understand why and how things work. Many will “Wake Up” to higher information, with  7 representing their readiness and availability to receive that knowledge.  Less people will run on automatic, more will become conscious of the reality surrounding them.

Chinese Astrology: Year of the Wood Horse
The Wood Horse is also about taking dynamic actions toward a specific goal or outcome.

The Wood element represents the process of growing and renewing life, vitality, drive, and passion for life.

The Horse is about drive and the pursuit for freedom, passion, virility, and leadership. A “fire” animal, it knows it’s here to run free and fast through the plains.

These suggest regeneration, re-building and re-doing as themes for this year, as the wood element knows what needs to be built and torn down, and the horse has just enough stamina and torque to move towards that outcome at a fast, momentous pace.

Note: The last year of the horse was in 1990- a year when many Indigo Children came onto the planet to serve as a bridge from the Old Age to the New, from low frequencies to high ones. People with that task are being recalled to their undertaking and all of us are being re-inspired towards that goal.

What Does It Mean?
In all, we have lots of work to do within and around us, lots of energy to do it and a rare opportunity to accomplish it all! Keep this with you and don’t forget as you move through the next 365 days! Further keep success in making the most of this collectively in mind for the benefit of all of humanity! Don’t Give Up!

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