We have so much to share about food, and we are pulling all of the most important details together. The topic is so vital, we are compelled to provide some bare starting points for your discovery while we refine. Please have a look.

Watch these while we find the words:

Forks Over Knives The lies we’ve been told about food- what is nutritious? What’s healthy? What’s not? Misleading precepts have sent the nation’s health into a tailspin and people are suffering because of it. Many are told only drugs can cure them- Forks over Knives reveals  powerful, hidden medicinal powers the diet holds.
Food, Inc. What’s on your plate?  What all is at stake? Controlling your dinner is big business, you’ll be surprised where the road to food leads.
Break Up With Bad Food Just how does food get its hold on us? A look into the mind and food and practical ways to get free?
The Impact of Food on Human Potential
The Pottenger Experiment

Water is just as pivotal as food, and sometimes more. Have a look The Rice Experiment and Messages from Water.

GMOS. Genetically Modified Foods are bad news all around, and they’ve found their way into much of our food supply. Eating DNA manipulated food manipulates your DNA and spells trouble for your well being, and avoiding it is worth focus and care.

Here is a List of companies that use Genetically Modified Ingredients.
This App reportedly allows you to detect GMOs in packaged food with a scan of the label.

Packaged food isn’t GMO labeled, but if you know what to look for, you can tell where fresh fruits & veggies come from. Here are the signs. Note! Produce beginning with a ‘3’ is also GMO.

GMO labeling

Growing Food

The best way to take charge of your food supply is to grow it- it’s actually not that hard. Look into sprouting your own greens and starting a small garden to amp up your health and cut down on food costs.

Caring for your fruit.

We are more motivated to eat produce when we know how to keep it fresh don’t we?
How to wash your produce so it lasts.


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