It can be difficult to start using natural care. The hidden side effects of many products we use leads many to search for better cleaners, lotions, and soaps. Eventually, you ask yourself the following questions: What really works? Where can I buy it? How can I make this less expensive?

We’re elated you’re choosing to care for yourself safely, and hope this makes it as easy as possible! These products work well and should get well on your way to natural- ness.

Here’s to happier baths & brighter lives!


Toothpaste & Mouthwash

Oral Care Strip


Soap & Skin Care

With soaps, you want to keep ingredients few and free from irritants. With Lotions, stay away from parabens and any ingredients you don’t recognize.
Skin Care Basic Soaps

Skin Care Basic Soaps2


















Household Cleaning



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