This date is not about freaking out. Being Afraid. Its not about dying. Its not about ignoring the signs. Its not about things continuing as they always have. And its certainly not just another day.

Its about expanding. About Ascension. About growing into a greater form of yourself than before. Its about darkness leaving the earth and light filling its stead. Its about leaving the past behind for something unimaginably wonderful.

Take the time to do some quiet reflection. Here are some constructive approaches to this time:

Turn Off Technology
Electronics often drain and distract us. If you were to count up all the time spent checking your texts and various social networks via electronics, you might be quite astounded at all the time you lose. New Media has in many respects, replaced Television as our major source of distraction.
Put technology on the back burner during this time to avoid interference with your contemplative and esoteric processes. Resolve to use your devices less that 4 times a day at set times.

 Monitor Your Surroundings
Stay cognizant of all that you are taking in and giving out. As we become increasingly sensitive, we unknowingly pick up on the thoughts and energies of others. As the earth fills with light, darkness comes to the surface on its way out, and it is easy to be swept along on that wave. It is important that you tap into and maintain the high vibrations enveloping the earth right now. Place yourself in positive places, around positive people, positive sound, positive information, and positive things. (See below for Music) Keep your spirits high and your thoughts bright.

Undertake a Light Diet
We also cloud our spiritual vision by way of the substances we place in our body. Meat, alcohol, preservatives, and other chemicals weigh us down and disrupt the communication between us and our souls. Try eating more fresh foods, drinking more fluids, and Sungazing. Consume light to be light.

Say Hey to Your Soul
As we approach the shift, our spirits have been moving us to awaken in various ways. Many of us have been subject to various inexplicable supernatural experiences by way of dreams, senses, “coincidences” or synchronicities.¬† This because our souls have messages for us and are trying to tell and show us how to -cope- with the shift into our true selves. It may have been freaking you out, confusing you, or you might have felt as though toy don’t have time or energy to deal with it and so ignored it, but go ahead and take the coming days to say hello to your soul. Listen to what its telling you and develop a healthy relationship with self.

A good way to achieve this is meditation. There are many ways of doing this, but one of the most simple is sitting in a calm, quiet place, allowing your thoughts to die down, and listening to the light within. You’ll be impressed with the results!

Revive your environment
Clean your room, make your bed, decorate your area and burn some incense, sage or oil. Nag Champa and Frankincense are wonderful at raising the vibration of a space.

You may have noticed problems bubbling to the surface in your life; this is because we are in a healing time. Now’s the time to let go of all of your baggage. Let ALL of the negativity go. Write down ALL of the slights, injustices, bad memories, grudges, past hurts, and low thoughts you hold on to, and one by one, forgive and let all of them go. Say aloud, “I release all that I no longer need; I release X…” Try coupling this exercise with EFT, a revolutionary method for releasing unwanted emotions, thoughts, conditions, and physical pains.

Know of a peaceful spot in the woods, on the beach, or in a park? Head there. Spend some quiet time in communion with nature. Take writing materials and plenty of warmth. Bring friends or go alone. Feel and Be Safe.

Look into the stars go somewhere where you can observe all of the exciting galactic events.

Need Music??
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Steve Halpern Meditation Music Collection
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Guided Meditation for the New Age Youtube Mp3
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We are blessed to be here for this in this time! Feel excited and grateful!
Everyone have a Wonderfully Amazing 12.21.12!
Peace & Love.


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