The GOYS Life presents the three glass challenge.

Have these three glasses each morning:

1 tall glass of room temperature plain water (blessed, spring, or Sun Charged? Even better!)

1 tall glass of room temperature water + the juice of a 1/2 a lemon

1 tall glass of room temperature water + 18 drops of Chlorophyll

Tip: Be sure you have at least 30 minutes to use the restroom. Expect to make make frequent trips if you particularly unaccustomed to hydrating yourself.

Expect to experience less mucous, increased energy, increased hydration, better health & better spirits!

Challenge Plus: Add a fresh smoothie to make it a 4 Glass challenge, & you’ll feel even more amazing in addition to being satisfied throughout the day. Have a look at our basic smoothie recipes suggestions.

Whats the point?

More Liquids, More Nutrients, More Better.
This challenge brings us in tune with the body’s natural x rhythms by helping us eliminate heavily in the morning. It establishes the habits of hydrating oneself and starting our days positively diet wise. This is a helpful habit in transitioning to alternative living practices.

Water: Water is the most integral substance to our body’s operations. Our bodies need water far more than they need food, and few of us get as much as we need.

Say kind words to your water. Sound frequencies change the molecular structure of water, and can be used to increase its benefits to the body. You can purchase bottled spring water from Whole foods ( $1/gallon), but even if you have access to nothing but tap or filtered water, you can still do better for yourself by taping a blessing to a glass jar full of tap water and sitting it out in moonlight to soak up the sun in the morning. The sun’s energy transforms not so good water into great water.

Lemon Juice: Lemons hold a myriad of powerful properties & deserve a prominent place in our diets. This is fervently expressed in eastern and other world medicines. The benefits of lemon juice in water include high vitamin content, increased immunity, better digestion and cleaner skin. Avoid the low quality imitation lemons many supermarkets feature. Get organic or grab from a neighbor’s tree if you can. You’ll notice the difference.

Chlorophyll: A bottle of this will run you around 20 dollars at Whole Foods, but don’t fret. It lasts months and is well worth it. Benefits include healthier blood, more oxygen in your body, increased athletic capacity, and elimination of body odor. That’s right! A week on chlorophyll & chances are you’ll no longer need deodorant. No Taste. Trusted Brand: ChlorOxygen

Document your results and share them with us!

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…throughout the day. Have a look at our basic smoothie recipes suggestions.


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