Ways to Spend 12.21.12

This date is not about freaking out. Being Afraid. Its not about dying. Its not about ignoring the signs. Its not about things continuing as they always have. And its certainly not just another day.

Its about expanding. About Ascension. About growing into a greater form of yourself than before. Its about darkness leaving the earth and light filling its stead. Its about leaving the past behind for something unimaginably wonderful.

Take the time to do some quiet reflection. Here are some constructive approaches to this time:

Turn Off Technology
Electronics often drain and distract us. If you were to count up all the time spent checking your texts and various social networks via electronics, you might be quite astounded at all the time you lose. New Media has in many respects, replaced Television as our major source of distraction.
Put technology on the back burner during this time to avoid interference with your contemplative and esoteric processes. Resolve to use your devices less that 4 times a day at set times.

 Monitor Your Surroundings
Stay cognizant of all that you are taking in and giving out. As we become increasingly sensitive, we unknowingly pick up on the thoughts and energies of others. As the earth fills with light, darkness comes to the surface on its way out, and it is easy to be swept along on that wave. It is important that you tap into and maintain the high vibrations enveloping the earth right now. Place yourself in positive places, around positive people, positive sound, positive information, and positive things. (See below for Music) Keep your spirits high and your thoughts bright.

Undertake a Light Diet
We also cloud our spiritual vision by way of the substances we place in our body. Meat, alcohol, preservatives, and other chemicals weigh us down and disrupt the communication between us and our souls. Try eating more fresh foods, drinking more fluids, and Sungazing. Consume light to be light.

Say Hey to Your Soul
As we approach the shift, our spirits have been moving us to awaken in various ways. Many of us have been subject to various inexplicable supernatural experiences by way of dreams, senses, “coincidences” or synchronicities.  This because our souls have messages for us and are trying to tell and show us how to -cope- with the shift into our true selves. It may have been freaking you out, confusing you, or you might have felt as though toy don’t have time or energy to deal with it and so ignored it, but go ahead and take the coming days to say hello to your soul. Listen to what its telling you and develop a healthy relationship with self.

A good way to achieve this is meditation. There are many ways of doing this, but one of the most simple is sitting in a calm, quiet place, allowing your thoughts to die down, and listening to the light within. You’ll be impressed with the results!

Revive your environment
Clean your room, make your bed, decorate your area and burn some incense, sage or oil. Nag Champa and Frankincense are wonderful at raising the vibration of a space.

You may have noticed problems bubbling to the surface in your life; this is because we are in a healing time. Now’s the time to let go of all of your baggage. Let ALL of the negativity go. Write down ALL of the slights, injustices, bad memories, grudges, past hurts, and low thoughts you hold on to, and one by one, forgive and let all of them go. Say aloud, “I release all that I no longer need; I release X…” Try coupling this exercise with EFT, a revolutionary method for releasing unwanted emotions, thoughts, conditions, and physical pains.

Know of a peaceful spot in the woods, on the beach, or in a park? Head there. Spend some quiet time in communion with nature. Take writing materials and plenty of warmth. Bring friends or go alone. Feel and Be Safe.

Look into the stars go somewhere where you can observe all of the exciting galactic events.

Need Music??
click to download

Steve Halpern Meditation Music Collection
Various Tracks
Guided Meditation for the New Age Youtube Mp3
Native American Relaxation Track Youtube Mp3

We are blessed to be here for this in this time! Feel excited and grateful!
Everyone have a Wonderfully Amazing 12.21.12!
Peace & Love.

7 Days of Fluidity: The Three Glass Challenge

The GOYS Life presents the three glass challenge.

Have these three glasses each morning:

1 tall glass of room temperature plain water (blessed, spring, or Sun Charged? Even better!)

1 tall glass of room temperature water + the juice of a 1/2 a lemon

1 tall glass of room temperature water + 18 drops of Chlorophyll

Tip: Be sure you have at least 30 minutes to use the restroom. Expect to make make frequent trips if you particularly unaccustomed to hydrating yourself.

Expect to experience less mucous, increased energy, increased hydration, better health & better spirits!

Challenge Plus: Add a fresh smoothie to make it a 4 Glass challenge, & you’ll feel even more amazing in addition to being satisfied throughout the day. Have a look at our basic smoothie recipes suggestions.

Whats the point?

More Liquids, More Nutrients, More Better.
This challenge brings us in tune with the body’s natural x rhythms by helping us eliminate heavily in the morning. It establishes the habits of hydrating oneself and starting our days positively diet wise. This is a helpful habit in transitioning to alternative living practices.

Water: Water is the most integral substance to our body’s operations. Our bodies need water far more than they need food, and few of us get as much as we need.

Say kind words to your water. Sound frequencies change the molecular structure of water, and can be used to increase its benefits to the body. You can purchase bottled spring water from Whole foods ( $1/gallon), but even if you have access to nothing but tap or filtered water, you can still do better for yourself by taping a blessing to a glass jar full of tap water and sitting it out in moonlight to soak up the sun in the morning. The sun’s energy transforms not so good water into great water.

Lemon Juice: Lemons hold a myriad of powerful properties & deserve a prominent place in our diets. This is fervently expressed in eastern and other world medicines. The benefits of lemon juice in water include high vitamin content, increased immunity, better digestion and cleaner skin. Avoid the low quality imitation lemons many supermarkets feature. Get organic or grab from a neighbor’s tree if you can. You’ll notice the difference.

Chlorophyll: A bottle of this will run you around 20 dollars at Whole Foods, but don’t fret. It lasts months and is well worth it. Benefits include healthier blood, more oxygen in your body, increased athletic capacity, and elimination of body odor. That’s right! A week on chlorophyll & chances are you’ll no longer need deodorant. No Taste. Trusted Brand: ChlorOxygen

Document your results and share them with us!

This is one in a collection of challenges TGL offers, bringing its readers better lives in 7 days. Check the others out at theGOYSlife.com/challenge.

7 days of Fluidity


In the spirit of Easy Ways To Be Good To Yourself ,

…throughout the day. Have a look at our basic smoothie recipes suggestions.

Mind = Matter: How Thought Becomes Form


Often uttered, but rarely explained is the phrase,
thought is the cause of it all.

Many of us have heard the concept, “mind over matter.” The idea that the mind has power over physical events isn’t new. Lost campers have gone weeks without food out of sheer determination. Petite mothers have lifted cars to save their baby in rushes of adrenaline– but the grey space that remains between believing this and experiencing this lies in one question–  how far does this go?

How is it so, and how is it significant in our daily lives?
Here’s an introduction to the connection between thought and reality.


Mind Equals Matter.

The power of thought Mind and matter the goys life



Thought is the most powerful thing there is.

Just as sound can be measured in wave forms, thoughts are waves as well.

Don’t think so? How else are MRIs able to measure brain activity? Scientists pinpoint which processes are housed in particular parts of the brain by seeing which sections “light up”  during monitoring.


The power of thought MRI
“PET Scan” Photo: Reigh LeBlanc via Compfight cc

They are able to do because thought is energy. The energy of thought takes the form of electricity in our brain and body. Thoughts can be gathered by machines, but they are certainly able to be picked up by people as well.

Signals radiate throughout us, shaping the way we see things, how we act, and even impacting us physically. Thoughts can even create disease if negative signals become ingrained over time– but it doesn’t stop there.





The entire universe is energy.

We are like energetic radio stations, broadcasting our thoughts out constantly. Each thought we have, be it about our future, circumstances, or whatever, is broadcasted as a sort of request to the universe. Don’t think you can ever live your dream? The universe says “okay” and sends just what you expect.

If we want something, and hold negative expectations at some level of our mind or another, we send mixed messages which get in our own way. In this way, our thoughts bring back to us what we put out, for better or worse.


Explanation & Illustration

An easy way to experience this is to start asking for it to be shown to you. You can say to yourself quietly, “please show me how my thoughts affect my reality” and it is likely events will start to occur which make this clear to you. These events which show a link between the mind and the experience are called “Synchronicity.” They are becoming very common in the lives of many.

A series of experiments were done which explored the impact of thought on physical matter. “The Rice Experiment” is an experiment in which positive or negative intentions are either taped, or spoken to different jars of rice. The jars treated nicely ferment pleasantly, while the mistreated jars begin to rot.


This Will Save Humanity

The way our thoughts work is an intricate network of settings that form according to our individual and collective experience over time. In a way, it is very much like the programming which creates the operating system of phones or computers. In the programming lies the limitations or potential of any system; i.e, the OS of a present day Mac is more advanced than a ’96 windows.

Similarly, as humans learn to change their thought systems at a fundamental level, they will become capable of experiencing a higher reality. They will have new abilities and their world will have less pain in it, as they as they creators of their world have less pain in them. It is this idea that is central to the planetary ascension happening presently.

It is very vital that every person understand and learn to apply elevated thought systems in themselves, so that we can “graduate” to lives not weighed down by all the negative stuff. Simply, switch thoughts based on fear to thoughts based on love.

the power of thought  right brain left brain the goys life
We are moving from systems focused on the separateness of things to systems based on the oneness of things

Related Concepts

Gain further understanding of how this works, and its role in your everyday life.

Cause & Effect with the basic understanding that every cause has an effect, we can begin to look for and clearly see, the effects of all the causes. It follows that every thought is a cause, which has an effect. If they were “nothing” as many of us have believed, they would not bear any results. We wouldn’t feel them or be able to see them. When we get this, we’ll begin evaluating the true effects of our thoughts.

Thought and Disease When we think, we send signals to different parts of our body ( a simple example is your heart beating faster when you are nervous). This is evidence that thought manifest physical chemicals.  In knowing this, it can become clear to us how malignant thought patterns can manifest as disease.

In a book listing underlying thoughts which bring diseases, Louise Hay explores how every ailment- from colds, to cuts, to cancer- is linked to a thought pattern.


Great Resources

A Course In Miracles 
Bringers of the Dawn

Read More About Thoughts & Health
-You will find it very difficult to understand, or get life and what it brings until we can understand where reality comes from and how it is formed.

-While holding this mindset, we oft find ourselves confused
-Physical Reality is not formed by physical forces, but supernatural ones
PeaceTeam GOYS

Diet, Injection, Injunction: Understanding Vaccination

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible…”

—-Bertrand Russell, “The Impact of Science on Society”, 1953, 49-50 Available via Google Books

Welcome to a very sinister person’s  I Have a Dream Speech. We were told vaccines keep us safe, but what were they really made for?

In this piece, we will explore the philosophy that lies at the heart of vaccination in our society, and expose some of the information not commonly shown in its coverage.

A lot of discomfort has surfaced around the dangers of vaccines. As the public is baited into arguments, pharmaceutical companies quietly shift attention away from the facts at the heart of the issue.

Vaccination does not result from the ignorance, bureaucracy, or greed of corporate and government interests, but from a deliberate desire to incapacitate of the public. Sound crazy? Only if you’re missing information.

Why would someone say such a thing?

The quote at the start of this piece is that of Bertrand Russell. It seems bold, but it isn’t very different from the thinking of many people, and some even regard him as a hero.

In The Impact of Science on Society, Betrand offers guidelines for nations’ ideal modus operandie towards their citizens. In his time, he was lauded by the thinkers of the world as an “esteemed” mathematician and philosopher and event awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

The words, though written over 60 years ago, remain a guide and treasure of current leaders today. Numerous presidents and policy makers have read this book, and it continues to set political agenda in insidious ways.

Whatever your feelings toward this quote, we have one thing clear: we have documentation of people who saw vaccines as a way to control and dehumanize society. In looking at the current food landscape (“diet + injection”), it’s easy to feel that someone has been working at this plan.



Understanding vaccination risks thegoyslife

But won’t there be epidemics without vaccination? In Truth, every vaccine has been introduced at the decline of an epidemic. No vaccine has been proven to cure an outbreak.  In seeking to convince pharmaceutical & government agencies to reform, anti-vaccination activists mistake the object of their struggle. They misunderstand the problem & thereby evade their solution.

The Greater Good

understanding vaccination risks
The Greater Good documents the issues of vaccination, first hand accounts of its damaging effects, and the pharmaceutical industry’s information war against balanced coverage on the matter. You can stream the film from its makers the at the cost of $5 for 5 days.

If you can’t afford that, you can try your luck with this free version. Turn the Pop-Up Blocker on first & Click carefully! (Steps: Close all background pop ups > Click full screen button>  Hit Play.)

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